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SAMSUNG BN59-01264A WLAN Module

SAMSUNG BN59-01264A WLAN Module

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SKU: BN59-01264A.

Compatible Models: HG40NF690GF, HG40NF693GF, HG43NF690GF, HG43NF693GF, HG49NF690GF, HG49NF693GF, HG55NF690UF, HG75NF690UF, HWMS550, HWMS650, HWMS6500, HWMS750, QB75H, QM49H, QM55H, QM65H, QN49Q6FAMF, QN55Q6FAMF, QN55Q75FMF, QN55Q7CAMF, QN55Q7FAMF, QN55Q8CAMF, QN65Q7CAMF, QN65Q7FAMF, QN65Q7FVMF, QN65Q8CAMF, QN65Q9FAMF, QN75Q7FAMF, QN75Q8CAMF, QN75Q9FAMF, QN88Q9FAMF, UBDM9500, UBDM9700, UN40MU6290F, UN40MU6300F, UN40MU630DF, UN40MU7000F, UN43LS003AF, UN43MU6300F, UN43MU630DF, UN49MU6290F, UN49MU6500F, UN49MU650DF, UN49MU7000F, UN49MU7500F, UN49MU7600F, UN49MU8000F, UN49MU800DF, UN50MU6300F, UN50MU630DF, UN55LS003AF, UN55MU6300F, UN55MU630DF, UN55MU6500F, UN55MU650DF, UN55MU7000F, UN55MU7500F, UN55MU7600F, UN55MU8000F, UN55MU8500F, UN55MU850DF, UN55MU9000F, UN65LS003AF, UN65MU6300F, UN65MU6500F, UN65MU7000F, UN65MU7500F, UN65MU7600F, UN65MU8000F, UN65MU800DF, UN65MU8500F, UN65MU850DF, UN65MU9000F, UN75MU6290F, UN75MU6300F, UN75MU8000F, UN75MU800DF, UN75MU9000F, UN82MU8000F, UN82MU800DF, VL350, VL550.

Notes: The part number is printed on the label.

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