Vizio 056.04243.G051 Power Supply

Mfg Part Number: 05604243G051

Board Number(s): FSP2434F01, 05604243G051, 05604243G041

Substitute Parts: 05604243G041

Compatible Models: Vizio D65UD2 LWJAUDAR, Vizio D65UD2 LWJAUDAS, Vizio D65UD2 LWZAUDBS, Vizio D65UD2 LWZAUDES, Vizio D65UD2 LWZAUDFS

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Warranty: 180 Days

Condition: Used Like New

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Board Number(s)




Compatible Model(s)

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NotesThe part number is printed on the barcode label.
Weight:1 lbs
Dimensions:14 × 10 × 2 in
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